Sunday, June 03, 2007

Why Girls Are Weird

Author: Pamela Ribon

I finished this book last night and I have to admit, although I don't usually read chick lit as a rule... this will probably make it to the top of my list for one of my favorite books this year. What I loved about this book was Ana's rants... then came to how much I could relate to the book where you generally get to know people through the Internet, and although it seems like these people aren't real, they are and you come to realize that you can form friendships on the Internet. I was happy when Ana finally realized that the girl she was writing about was herself all along, that this "3rd person" objective view on the character was in fact her. Anna K was indeed Anna Koval. However one of the aspects of Ana that I thought was funny was that even though she had all her friends and family around her, she still felt alone, as if Ian, Kurt, or any other man would make her happier. Even when she was single she still didn't truly live that life, or try to enjoy it. I thought she would have been much nobler to be happy with the state she was in currently before jumping into another relationship... but that's my opinion. Anyway, I'm glad that I read this book, gave me an interesting insight. Of course, I don't think I'll be starting any blogs about my personal life anytime soon... Like Anna said... you'll have to ask me. However to end this entry up, let me share one of my favorite parts of this book... but there were many others..."After Becca left I opened the drawer, pulled out a measuring tape, and measured out forty-six inches. If my hips were laid out flat, they would be almost four feet long. Holy shit. My hips were almost as tall as I was. How much ass is that? How much fucking ass is that? That's an assload of ass. My refrigerator, minus the freezer, was the size of my ass. My entertainment center, from VCR to television, was the size of my ass. I continued measuring things around my apartment, moving from room to room with my arms outstretched, the measurement tape pulled taunt between my fingers. I was a measurement zombie - eyes bulging and my mind swimming as I walked stiff-legged through the heat from one target to another. You could fit three Taylors (her cat) on my ass. You could store all of my clothes in my ass. My bed? As wide as my ass." (Pgs 64-65)Another page to look at that I found particularly funny... Pgs. 68-72 Heh... ok. :-)

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Oh gosh...


I'll be getting back on track guys... I've been slacking in my reviews, I know. LOL, I've read much since "Undertaker's Widow." I'll try to put up a few other books in the meantime :-)


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Undertaker's Widow

Author: Phillip Margolin

Favorite Character: Quinn

Why: Other than the fact that he was the main character of the book? I honostly though he was the most interesting and complex for that matter. I honostly was fusterated with the idea though that judges were so much more moral than others that they couldn't possibly make a mistake... I thought the string of events that followed proved him otherwise.

Least Favorite Character: Laura

Why: I grew tired of her... simply not my fovorite character, I didn't dislike her, just not a favortie.

Favorite Part of the book: My fovorite part of the book was probably the beginning, namely, the start of the trial. I don't know what it is, but I like the sound, sight, of legal terms being thrown around, the bitter argument nay, fight between the two attourneys. It makes me read on...

Least favorite part of the book: Ahhh.... yes.... my least favorite part of the book has to be the end. It, for me was a bit complicated. Not complicated as in I couldn't understand it, just that it was far-fetched... let me illustrate in an example not relating to the book:

Bob: I know you stole the muffin!
Betty: Nonsense, the muffin, remember the people that blackmailed you to hurt me were the guys with the muffin?
Bob: Yes, but the muffin-nappers were hired by you to black mail me to hurt you to hurt me in reality.
Betty: Dammit!

See... not really complicated, but still could have been a clearer ending?

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rainbow Party

Author: Paul Ruditis

Favorite Character: Vi and Perry

Why: What I really liked about them was the friendship, that their friendship would never be broken. I appreciated the way that although couples were willing to split up, that Vi and Perry's friendship wouldn't be ruined by the party. I liked Perry because he was honost with himself. He realized his flaws, and in the end he did what was best for him. I believe that same can really apply to Vi and her relationship with Skye and Rod.

Least Favorite Character: Hunter

Why: I thouhgt that he never really treated Perry right. Even as a friend, Hunter still treated other people (girls) better than him, people that he had only been knowing for a little amount of time.

Favorite Part of the book: My favorite part of the book was the parts with Mrs. Barrett. I liked how she made the students feel comfortable although she was a teacher, and was welcome to the students coming to her with their problems. I especially saw this in Rose, and how she thought that she really cared about what Mrs. Barrett thought, even though she didn't care about others.

Least favorite part of the book: I guess my least favorite part of the book was toward the end... I thought it would have been more realistic if we could have seen what could have happened without all the self revelations. (Being vague to avoid spoiling the story.)

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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Author: Elie Wiesel
Favorite Character: Eliezer
Why: I liked him not just because he was the main character but more so for how painfully honest he seemed to be with himself. He didn't seem to change his story according to how he thought it would sound, instead, it came across as something that needed to be told and Elizer was the one to tell it.
Favorite Part of the Book: I wouldn't say there was a part in the book I fet particuarly happy when reading. However, what I found interesting was the the bond between the father and son. I enjoed hearing how both of them were the reason for each other going on, the strong force that kept them hanging on... to life... to hope.
Least favorite part of the book: For the most part, the whole book wasn't rather pleasant. A lot of the time, the characters were often taken advantage of, ther living conditions horrible, and ther spirits, almost broken. However, I wouldn't say that was bad. I really didn't have a Least favorite part of the book either, I felt that the story had to be told, and the only fact that I felt negativity toward was the fact that it even happened, as I felt before I read this book. However, I can put a face (story) to the Holocaust.
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Friday, September 22, 2006

With Red Hands

Author: Stephen Woodworth

Favorite Character: Inez

Why: I did enjoy Natalie in this book too, but I thought I'd point out a new character. I really liked the friendship between the two. I also enjoyed Inez herself, I suppose confidence was a main part of it.

Favorite Part of the Book: My favorite part of the book had to do with Dan, I really enjoyed the part where he left. Not as in I was glad to see (read) him leave, but just the fact that he should have and did. I suppose it was the last time Dan took over Natalie's body to spend his final time with Callie.

Least Favorite Part of the Book: I knew that alot of the story had to do with Dan and Natalie dealing with his death. I thought her take on death and how she used Dan as a crutch while everyone else had to go about their lives without their loved ones was an interesting take. However, I can't help but think I'd be doing the same thign too.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Through Viloet Eyes

Author: Stephen Woodworth

Favorite Character: Natalie

Why: One reason I liked Natalie the most, was more so because although she was employed for her "natural" gift, she provided much more to her job that included her personality. Also, I believe she handled herself well during her "job" and stressful situations.

Favorite Part of the Book: When Natalie met Arthur with Dan, and I realized her nick name was "Boo." I enjoyed the idea of unity among the Violets and how she could trace back her childhood. Many times when I hear/read stories about people with special ablities, I never know about their childhood, its refreshing. Also, many of her flashbacks I found interesting, I loved reading about the days in her school and how she got her nickname.

Least Favorite Part of the Book: Its not so much it was my least favorite but I didn't enjoy the relationship between Dan and Natalie. It was predictable, I knew it was going to happen by from th
e moment the author introduced Natalie

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On thing you should know about me...

One thing I thing should be known about me... I'm a slow reader, well, I read multiple books at one time, slowly. Anyway, I'll try to post my thoughts about me books... see where it takes me. Hope you enjoy looking at them, and for now, I'll do a few books I read at camp.


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