Friday, September 22, 2006

With Red Hands

Author: Stephen Woodworth

Favorite Character: Inez

Why: I did enjoy Natalie in this book too, but I thought I'd point out a new character. I really liked the friendship between the two. I also enjoyed Inez herself, I suppose confidence was a main part of it.

Favorite Part of the Book: My favorite part of the book had to do with Dan, I really enjoyed the part where he left. Not as in I was glad to see (read) him leave, but just the fact that he should have and did. I suppose it was the last time Dan took over Natalie's body to spend his final time with Callie.

Least Favorite Part of the Book: I knew that alot of the story had to do with Dan and Natalie dealing with his death. I thought her take on death and how she used Dan as a crutch while everyone else had to go about their lives without their loved ones was an interesting take. However, I can't help but think I'd be doing the same thign too.

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