Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rainbow Party

Author: Paul Ruditis

Favorite Character: Vi and Perry

Why: What I really liked about them was the friendship, that their friendship would never be broken. I appreciated the way that although couples were willing to split up, that Vi and Perry's friendship wouldn't be ruined by the party. I liked Perry because he was honost with himself. He realized his flaws, and in the end he did what was best for him. I believe that same can really apply to Vi and her relationship with Skye and Rod.

Least Favorite Character: Hunter

Why: I thouhgt that he never really treated Perry right. Even as a friend, Hunter still treated other people (girls) better than him, people that he had only been knowing for a little amount of time.

Favorite Part of the book: My favorite part of the book was the parts with Mrs. Barrett. I liked how she made the students feel comfortable although she was a teacher, and was welcome to the students coming to her with their problems. I especially saw this in Rose, and how she thought that she really cared about what Mrs. Barrett thought, even though she didn't care about others.

Least favorite part of the book: I guess my least favorite part of the book was toward the end... I thought it would have been more realistic if we could have seen what could have happened without all the self revelations. (Being vague to avoid spoiling the story.)

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