Saturday, December 16, 2006

Undertaker's Widow

Author: Phillip Margolin

Favorite Character: Quinn

Why: Other than the fact that he was the main character of the book? I honostly though he was the most interesting and complex for that matter. I honostly was fusterated with the idea though that judges were so much more moral than others that they couldn't possibly make a mistake... I thought the string of events that followed proved him otherwise.

Least Favorite Character: Laura

Why: I grew tired of her... simply not my fovorite character, I didn't dislike her, just not a favortie.

Favorite Part of the book: My fovorite part of the book was probably the beginning, namely, the start of the trial. I don't know what it is, but I like the sound, sight, of legal terms being thrown around, the bitter argument nay, fight between the two attourneys. It makes me read on...

Least favorite part of the book: Ahhh.... yes.... my least favorite part of the book has to be the end. It, for me was a bit complicated. Not complicated as in I couldn't understand it, just that it was far-fetched... let me illustrate in an example not relating to the book:

Bob: I know you stole the muffin!
Betty: Nonsense, the muffin, remember the people that blackmailed you to hurt me were the guys with the muffin?
Bob: Yes, but the muffin-nappers were hired by you to black mail me to hurt you to hurt me in reality.
Betty: Dammit!

See... not really complicated, but still could have been a clearer ending?

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