Saturday, September 23, 2006


Author: Elie Wiesel
Favorite Character: Eliezer
Why: I liked him not just because he was the main character but more so for how painfully honest he seemed to be with himself. He didn't seem to change his story according to how he thought it would sound, instead, it came across as something that needed to be told and Elizer was the one to tell it.
Favorite Part of the Book: I wouldn't say there was a part in the book I fet particuarly happy when reading. However, what I found interesting was the the bond between the father and son. I enjoed hearing how both of them were the reason for each other going on, the strong force that kept them hanging on... to life... to hope.
Least favorite part of the book: For the most part, the whole book wasn't rather pleasant. A lot of the time, the characters were often taken advantage of, ther living conditions horrible, and ther spirits, almost broken. However, I wouldn't say that was bad. I really didn't have a Least favorite part of the book either, I felt that the story had to be told, and the only fact that I felt negativity toward was the fact that it even happened, as I felt before I read this book. However, I can put a face (story) to the Holocaust.
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Blogger Lauren said...

Hey Turtle! I'm glad you liked this book. I have it on my TBR but I'm kind of scared to read it because I know it's going to be incredibly depressing.

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